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O'Reilly User Group and Github

Hi all,

2014 is off to a great start! So far, we’ve had two talks this year: Mark Clarke of Jumping Bean gave a talk about Linux containers and Docker in January and Dawid Loubser (System Architect at Travel Link) told us what he knew about Arch Linux. Next week, new member Bonga will teach us a bit about building Linux applications with Vala. Sign up here!

Aside from that, we have two big announcements to make.

The first is that we’ve been accepted into O’Reilly’s User Group programme. What this means for our dear members is discounts on O’Reilly books (both printed and otherwise). There is 40% discount on printed books and 50% on e-books. If you’d like to review an O’Reilly book for us, please take a browse through some of their most recently released books and message us. After you’re done, we’ll post your review on this site and invite you to give a talk about what you learned (or didn’t) from the book.

The second major announcement is that we’ve uploaded the source for this site to Github. You can find the repo here. The site is built using the Ruby static site generator, Jekyll. Let us know if there is any interest to get involved and we will organise a training session to show people how to use git and start customising the site. This should be a great way to build the community and learn valuable skills at the same time. Please submit feature requests, pull requests, or bugs to the Github site. Time to pay all the FOSS goodness forward!

As a final note, starting with the Arch Linux talk, we’re experimenting with streaming the meetups. Let us know if you have any skills in video production or editing or have ever successfully run OpenShot.

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The JoziLUG Team